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fuck forever if you dont mind [Nov. 27th, 2005|01:57 pm]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |Fuck Forever- Baby Shambles]

haha i made my mood apathetic because of the emo song. i just couldnt resist when i saw it. im not really apathetic.
in fact if anything im just tired. and i should be cleaning my room.
im excited for the holidays. im a sucker for snow and christmas songs. no lie. baby shambles- down in albion is due out in the states sometime around january so im ready for that. i got about half the album when it leaked at first. but i was still planning on getting it and i still am.
but that was off topic.
i did miss the lighting of the rockafeller tree, bummer but its my plan / one of my goals in life to be in new york from the macys day parade till the lighting of the tree.
but thats just me and im a dreamer.
um i think thats it. really i do.

whats the use between death and glory?
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if you want to destroy my sweater [Aug. 17th, 2005|12:04 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |the sweater song- weezer.]

pull this thread as i walk away.

um i had a fun past couple days. um i dont really feel like writing but basically i went to a corn fest, coventry, lakewood park, uhhh work?

yea i work WAY to much for my last week of summer.

and i have to read the following:

The Jungle (with a paper)

The Grapes of Wrath (with a paper)

The Merry Wives of Windsor.

and i also got a book by Yeats. to motivate me to read the others and do decently since my grades last year suck and i need to get into a good school. ummmmmmmmmm.

i dont feel like looking up lyrics now,im not sure who even reads this.
but basically

if you want to destroy my sweater
pull this thread as i walk away
watch me unravle ill soon be naked
lying on the floor, lying on the floor
i've come undone.
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if you sail into the sun... [Aug. 4th, 2005|12:26 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |The Man Who Came To Stay-babyshambles]

...beware the eyes are green.

oh man so my house is waaay too damn hot. and not in a good way like ok go may state in "you're so damn hot" oh no no no.

so things that piss me off today [[they are shallow]]

-the fact that my Dead 60's CD and my computer are obviously non compatable cos it keeps crapping out. and i cant get it on my iPod.

-the fact that i only had 50$ in my acount and then had to purchase gas and a cd [[well i didnt need the cd i had just promised myself it]]

-the kid that smelled bad at the bookstore.

-the fact that i never got the liability sheet i need for youth challenge today.

-that people dont give jason mraz the credit he deserves cos they havent seen him live and judge everyhting on his 3 singles and his trucker hat wearing fans.

but i like to be balanced so things that made me happy today-

-going to get my hair trimmed and hacking most of it off!

-going on the computers at the hair salon and finally seeing the OkGo video (though i saw it preformed live so it couldnt compete with that) and i also saw the new Fuck Forever video! but no sound but i liked it.

-Beverly hills playing inbetween Missy elliots "Work It" and some Bowling for soup song.

-my sweet hair.

-how awesome jason mraz is and people should see him live and/or download old live stuff and/ or Live at Java Joes. because hes really soulful and Jazzy to the extreem.

Who is he, Mr. Rand McNally?
I had I dream that mystery was me. Now who else could I be?

I dreamed I went to England and met the spice girls there for tea
They lost one more they're down from four to my favorite number three
But they're still quite spicy as the orange flavor
And oh so nice to do me the favor and lick my icing under the table now
But I gotta leave town mr. Nally, just as scary spice was about to go down on me
And don't ask how mr. Nally and give up the towel mr. Nally and run.

I dreamed I went to Singapore got bored and robbed a liquor store
What for? Nobody knows I only took a couple of Marlboros
Oh but that was all they needed and the criminal was soon defeated
And now in jail I'm waiting for my punishment of caining
So I gotta think fast mr nally watch your ass, wake up and laugh and run

Better Mr run, mr rand, mr mac, mr nally
Mr run, mr man, you got the knack for the rally And run.

I had a chance to visit the north pole but it was way too cold to smoke
Oh my nose was freezing I should could use some coughing and wheezing
So I tried it anyway and the place went up in flames
How was I suppose to know you could catch fire to the snow
Oh lord way to go mr nally, way to go, now you're melting the poles mr nally so run.

I jumped ship in NYC and headed south to Washington DC
Didn't think I'd go there but played some shows there fancy lucky me

But it is really slow there with our new president on TV
Too many politicians and liberal Christians they're all set out for me
Singing cast your vote mr nally, castrate your vote, no you don't, just run

I thumbed a ride across the prairie, I got hitched in Vegas, yep, I got married
To a lady who loved me she thought it's be funny to gamble all my money
And I got stranded without my clothes, a little bit of fear and loathing heart attack
I got chased by the rat pack once in a flashback. Singing viva Las Vegas.

I settled down in san diego and smoked a joint with java joe
And with a grin he took me in spilling coffee on his chin
And I played my show there and I met my bros there
And with my throw pillow they kindly let me make my bed there
There's one more thing before I go there's never been any place like this home
For once in a lifetime maybe I'd be foolish not to stay.
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2000 years i waited for that call... [Aug. 3rd, 2005|01:32 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Know Your Rights- The Clash]

screaming from the window. screaming bloody murder

10 songs i dig at this moment no matter how lame.

well most of them are quite alike but its the truth

[[in no order other than my mind]]

1. albion- peter doherty
2. Nowhere Again- Secret machines
3. Un Billo Titled- Peter Doherty.....<3.
4. Fuck Forever- babyshambles
5. The Sweater Song- weezer
6. Hey Scenesters! - the cribs
7. For Lovers- Wolfman and Peter Doherty
8. The Marshals are Dead- bloc party
9. Riot Radio- the dead 60's
10. I predict a Riot- kaiser chiefs

okay well work was a mess! it would helped if someone else who was working knew the machines and or drawers cos that was quite a loadddd. but John came and saved us...yay.

okay well i have a hair apointment tomorrow.

the cribs hey scenesters-

Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
You lot are in trouble now
Someones gonna cop it now, someones gonna cop it now
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Everybodies happy now
Nobody ain't laughing now, nobody ain't laughing now

She was the glamorous type
There were times that you'd never have guessed it
Did you see her clothes?
Everyone said she looked like a mess, yeah
Ok, alright (you think you're a leader)
About last night (well we won't ever believe you)
I was feeling strange (one last fling)
Slightly ashamed (we're nothing, it's alright we're leaving)
Casual looks (when we were steaming)
Have said enough (we're nothing, it's alright we're leaving)
It's different scenes
Different scenes

Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
You lot are in trouble now
Someones gonna cop it now, someones gonna cop it now
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Everybodies happy now
Nobody ain't laughing now, nobody ain't laughing now

Did you see his clothes?
Everyone said he looked like a mess, yeah
Ok, alright (you think you're a leader)
About last night (well we won't ever believe you)
I was feeling strange (one last fling)
Slightly ashamed (we're nothing, it's alright we're leaving)
Casual looks (when we were steaming)
Have said enough (we're nothing, it's alright we're leaving)
You're changing scenes
Changing scenes

Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
Hey scenesters, Hey hey scenesters
You lot are in trouble now
Someones gonna cop it now, someones gonna cop it now
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Hey darling, Hey hey darling
Everybody loves you now
Just don't go and let us down, just don't go and let us down

<3one million bilionth of caitlin.
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Fuck Forever...if you dont mind. [Aug. 1st, 2005|06:14 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |babyshambles- The Man Who Came To Stay]

So today was cool so far. Mondays this summer are my driving days. So basically I spend my mornings in Orange at the Highschool for Youth Challenge. but i made a mistake and forgot that it was actually in beachwood today. so i was late....sweet.
and then i was so excited to have my CDs back from stef in my car (cos Rooney and the Strokes were getting a bit old) so i was really into Bloc Party..yesh yesh. and i got on 480 East and i was like...la la la this looks different and im like..Geauga lake? and then i got to the end of 480 east and realized i wanted to be on west. so that took an extra hour and then i finally made it home after a fucked up detor that i just made multiple illegal turns i made it back. anyway i still have dance in sheffile at 7:30 so thats another 40 some odd minutes in the car. exceleentt.

if you sail into the sun beware the eyes are green.

on another note. anyone want to hang out tonite? im free around 9 !!!

anyway. i have loads of new music and its great. if you want anyhting talk to meeemememe.

anyway on a more comical note i purchased a bronzer/ blush set that came in the colors titled orgasm and laguna.

anyway for today.
babyshambles. Fuck Forever.
It's all and the same
It's all and the same, oh

So what's the use between death and glory?
I can't tell between death and glory
Happy endings, no, they never bore me
Happy endings, they still don't bore me
They, they have a way
A way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Sever the ties
Because I'm so clever
Clever and wise

And fuck forever
If you don't mind
Fuck forever
If you don't mind (don't mind)

What's the use between death and glory?
I can't tell between death and glory
New Labour and Tory
Pergatory and happy families

All and the same
All and the same
No, it's not the same
It's not suppose to be the same

Know about that way
The way they'll make you pay
And the way they make you toe the line
Sever the ties
Oh, you're so clever
You're so clever but not very nice
So fuck forever
If you don't mind
I'm stuck forever
(I'm stuck) in your mind

Go ahead and know about that way
To make you feel/realise to make you pay
To make you toe the line
Sever the ties
I'll never...
Sever the ties
And fuck forever
If you don't mind
See I'm stuck forever
I'm stuck in your mind, your mind, your mind, your mind

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this is for lovers running away [Aug. 1st, 2005|01:10 am]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |For Lovers- Wolfman & Pete Doherty]

okay well im giving this thing another try beacuse i kinda abandonded it and my blog which is lame cos i loved my blog and this was mearly okay but now im kinda switching to try things out. plus myspace is like getting on my nevers. yet i still like it im not going to lie to sound trendy i love the stupid thing because i can meet cool people. i must say my favorites are my multiple english friends ive made. thats cool cos they keep me updated plus they are into the same music as me. and i love music and very few people arend here are into what im into but thats okay because as lonng as i have access to what i like i really dont care. plus they are cool beacuse i love to talk about music and they know what im talking about. thats cool i htink.

any way i just got 2 magazines with pete doherty on the cover. which is lame cos one is nme and nme is lame. yet i get it. why? cos its ammsuing. anyway. i also just got a buttload of babyshamble stuff and thats incredibly exciting.

ill leave you with lyrics

pete doherty- east of eden

I've been wandering east of eden
Been lost, cold, lonesome as a sparrow in the rain
I found myself tumbling to a sinking feeling
When someone said I done gone wrong
Couldn't feel no shame
I'll be leaving town on the very next train
You can wait for me little girl
But I won't be coming this way again
And it ain't nobody's business if I do

There's a slow train rumbling east of a place called Eden
Ah, the wind blowing in proud as the trees upon the plain
And a stranger's voice talked to me of liberty and freedom
Yeah, it seems like he done gone wrong again
And he wears the hat like shame

Well he tasted the fruit of another
And when his Margie, when she discovered
Said she's gonna love him ten times more
Ain't nobody's business if she do

He said "some men born rich, some men born poor
But they're rich in other ways"
Into my heart his wisdom poured

It's no good crumblin, I'm making tracks to live
When I laid my love down in the light
You should've seen all the things my shadow did

The filth and the fury, the fear and the pain
It's all disappearing now
Faster than the smoke from this old train
And it ain't nobody's business if it do
One more time: ain't nobody's business if it do
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Like Drinking Poison...like eating glass [Apr. 14th, 2005|07:04 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |The Bravery- Fearless]

1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Caitlin Anne ... the CIA ploop
2. WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING? jeans, Rosati's shirt (i just got off work, NO i am not wearing the lovely poser custard crew shirt i was given around the holls) and pumas.

3. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO NOW? The Bravery- "The Ring Song"

4. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? dinner? sooo salad and rice? and i think there was broccoli (sp?) and meat of some sort that i picked at

5. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? brown, forest green, turquois

6. LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO THE PHONE? someone calling to see what time we were open till....lovely


8. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS BEFORE YOU? of course i do but i haven't seen her in ages *cough**cough*

9. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? stressed, fed up, tired, and annoyed with people, but also still incredibly happy from the show last night. soooo good.

10. FAVORITE DRINK? coffee, orangina, green tea

11. FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? baleys irish cream... ;<)

12. HAIR COLOR? dark brown

13. EYE COLOR? green/blue

14. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? um only on the weekend and when i work...i prety much love my glasses...theyre prety frikin awesome

15. SIBLINGS AND THEIR AGES? enfent unique!

16. FAVORITE MONTHS? January, December, October

17. FAVORITE FOOD? potatoes?

18. FAVORITE TYPE OF VEHICLE? mini coupe's but i love my worn out jeep....it works (unless it stalls) and gets me from a to b (unless it strands me at starbucks)


20. FAVORITE MUSIC? um prety much rock, garage rock, "indie" to so put it, jazz....yes..standards, NEW WAVE, Classic Rock, classic punk, acoustic stuff, fast paced stuff..thats fun....jig punk ;

22. SUMMER OR WINTER? winterr

23. HUGS OR KISSES? depends on the situation? you know?



26. DO YOU WANT YOUR FRIENDS TO RESPOND TO THIS? yess but they dont have to im a survey whore

27. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? no body...maybe stef?

28. WHO IS THE LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? kate or julie because they're too fucking cool to fill out the bazillion surveys i fill out but i love them anyway


30. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Pride and Prejeduce...again...but for school this time...Clockwork Orange, and of course the new Princess Diaries book because im sweet like that

31. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? "Calvert wire & Cable Corporation 216-433-7600 800-837-2668 FAZ: 216-433-7614" have some fun with that. i used to have a toy story one, but i dont know what happened to it

32. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? rehersal, homework, THE BRAVERY CONCERT (along with alaska! and ash...both of which were quite good as well) at the Agora, homework, sleep


34. FAVORITE SMELL? lillacs, violets, anddd AXE...actually any cologne

35. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Nature, music, ARTWORK, realizing what i DONT want


37. FAVORITE CANDY? Crunchy bars from Ireland...yum.



40. FAVORITE MOVIE? Monte Python and the Holy Grail...or the movie of the Importance of being earnest


42. WHAT SIDE OF THE BED DO YOU SLEEP ON? the middle, cos its a twin bed...no fun there...!

43. WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE? a green 97' Jeep Cheroky Sport

44. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE? well that one night in Reno...

45. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT? maybe just one? maybe none? maybe 2

46. WHERE DO YOU WORK? Rosati's Frozen Custard hell...i mean yes Custard Crew....ugh

47. WHERE IS YOUR DREAM JOB? for a career? a musician, anchorwoman of the TODAY show, a music publication journalist/ photojournalist....while in school? Starbucks, Barns and Noble, Borders (shut up i like book discounts)...or H & M

48. HOW MANY FULL TIME JOBS HAVE YOU HAD? 1 1/2 (i only cleaned that hairplace one paychecks worth...too gross)

49. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY? playing guitar, singing, acting, skiing, painting, writing reviews, discovering new music...does that count? photography and reading

50. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT? umm way too many...perhaps the incident with the milkshake and the cop? perhaps tripping on my jump rope on the first day of second grade? perhaps certain accents winding us up in awkward situations, saying things too loudly that people arent soposed to hear...i prety much set myself up every day.

51. WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER BE DOING RIGHT NOW? sleeping, but i still have homework to finish

52.WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME U CLEARED YOUR ROOM? ah heck yes, 2 weeks ago (for the first time since last April) but im totally staying up and straightening it up...woohoo


54. WHAT DO YOU HATE THE MOST? attention seekers, "fake" people, stubborn people who dont even listen to other opinions, people who come in at 9 when you close and sit there till 9:30 when you thought you were going to get out of work early and get to Borders...great night.

55. WHAT IS YOUR FAVE BAND? The Libertines, Bloc Party, Bravery...since last night ;)

56. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG? Time For Heroes- The Libertines


rawer..wouldnt you like to know

59. DO U THINK PEOPLE CHANGE? yes...but i dont think that is always bad...i mean everyone grows...so who's to judge

60. WHO IS UR BEST FRIEND? YOU. for real though, i donno

61.WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST? Claude Monet, Picasso, VanGogh, Hopper, Ansel Adams (photographer...the name of my electric guitar? yes), Roy Lichetnestein, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollok


63. HOW MANY TATTOO'S DO U HAVE? none...yet

64. DO YOU REGRET ANYTHING UVE DONE IN 2005? my fucking grades...-hmph- my term paper topic?

65. WHATS UR FAVOURITE SPORTS TEAM?? Galway Gaelic football team (will galway beat mayo...not if they have willie joe) and the New York Yankees, and The Cleveland Indians/browns/cavs..whathave you

66.WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE MEMORY OF LAST YEAR? perhaps Jason concerts? 2 in one year...though it felt like longer than a yearbetween them...no New York City...Going to Holiday valley on holls from St. Mary's outside of liverpool...again, columbus and UO, Hump days...42 Street, skiing killington (hmm 2 of thse are ski-related...woohoo shoot that one was this year...bummer :( )

67. WHAT WAS THE LAST CD U BOUGHT? Bloc Party- Silent Alarm (though i've had their EP so i couldnt wait to get it, but i gave up buying myself CDs for lent...tisk tisk)

68. WHAT WUD U DO IF U CUD STOP TIME? bum a free ride to europe somehow? look at snowflakes fall, sneak around and mess up the presidents speaches? oh annd get into a club without being carded...especially the house of blues..not really a club?

69. WHAT WUD U DO IF U CUD GO BACK IN TIME? I'd go to a libs concert, change some stupid mistakes, take easir classes, stay in Irealnd

70. WHATS IS YOUR GREATEST SECRET? i actually have no reproductive organs whatsoever. my body just stops at that pont and there is a flat bed of skin. so kidding. but i'll never tell my biggest secret...until later... haha....

71. WHO DO YOU HATE WITH ALL YOUR HEART? stubborness, suffering, depression, opression, crap music


Bill and Ted...though i still have to see their bogus trip

74. IF U CUD HAVE ANY SUPERPOWER WHAT WUD IT BE? invisibility, flight

75. DO YOU HAVE ANY PIERCINGS?? one per ear...but i want my cartilade and double piercing...but nothing other than ears

76. WHO DO U MISS MOST? umm Elise, annie, marie, and other such people who i havent seen in forever

77. IF YOU WERE AN ANIMAL WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU BE? a koala bear because they remind my of my grandpa...though im not sure how i could be rminded...but maybe a humming bird...i could see so much in so little time

78. WHO WOULD BE YOUR IDEAL GIRL/BOYFRIEND? someone who has similar tastes as me, listens to similar music, likes to read, isnt too clingy because im always really busy, a musician or and artist, someone who likes to spend time at art museums, someone who is culturally aware, smart, yet not intimidating, enjoys fashion...but isnt absorbed, accents of course are great but unreasonable :( , someone who is not afraid to be stupid and funny, because im not afraid to be,

79. WHATS UR FAVOURITE FEELING? playing or hearing a song that sends a chill up your spine. strangely enough...just plain being in Irelandw as a good feeling, oh and seeing a future, and feeling wanted/needed/ appreciated

yes i went to the bravery show tuesday and ill put up pictures soon, please come back to me readers?

love, me.
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dont trust art....dont trust culture [Mar. 15th, 2005|10:44 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Vice- Razorlight]

Wild is the wind that strips away our sins
Yours is the night, but you don't know where to begin
But I heard you say
You've got a feeling that it's just around the bend
I heard you say
Sometimes you fall into the arms of no-one at all
I mean to say that that's alright
I did what I could!
Oh, sometimes I run
Yeah, sometimes I fall
L O V E, I'll see you later
L O V E, I'll see you later

um on another note the bravery are comming.
and one more note i love bloc party
and by the way, that was razorlight.

and this is my favorite song. take it or leave it. i vote take it.

The Marshals are Dead- Bloc Party

Fashion victims
Blood sport
Cop killer
Don't trust art
Don't trust culture

Cancel your thoughts out forever
Milk it and strain it to residue
An insult that dilates forever
Passing from history that's made from arrangements
Of tannoys and cordons in symmetry
That cancel forever


Spring breaks in ranks and in boulevards
A country that grows us
But cannot contain us

A curse on your houses
Rivers run with your sons' blood
No case for extenuation
All the marshals are dead

sincerely, cait.
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mods! [Mar. 6th, 2005|01:37 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Campaign of Hate- Libs]

You are a Mod. Yeah baby.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Poor kids dressing like they're rich << mods!
rich kids dressing like they're poor << oh my god
white kids talking like they're black
I tried it with Charlene and i spent three days on my back
cos she said baby, I like the cut of your J.I.B.
oh dont believe them when they say that you dont get nothing for free
its all free follow me noe.

made me think of that. pete's got a myspace hahah, funny invite too tired to write and my contacts are blurw with my fake eyelashes comming off, more later loves!

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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2005|09:14 pm]
[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]
[music |The Ha Ha Wall- Libertines]

last libs show was in december.
chances of babyshambles ever comming to cleveland....with my luck 0%

um not much is new i really dont have a point to writing.
i dont know Ive felt weird since my birthday, and cant come to.
-slap slap-

Ardeit Macht Frei-The Libertines

Roll a gasper
The guard said he could stay alive
But he has to shovel
And burn his friends to die, people do die
And on the gate read:
Arbeit Macht Frei
In her rollers
And a gasper
Cleaning the steps in the mean street
Where no policeman walks the beat
her old man;
He don't like blacks or queers
yet he's proud he beat the nazis, how queer...

arbeit macht frei

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